Year 6 SATs revision and help guide

Here is the timetable for SATs week.  The assessment tasks take place during the mornings of an otherwise normal school week.

Please ensure that your child attends school for each paper for each subject, otherwise a grade cannot be awarded.

It is essential that pupils bring with them pens, sharpened pencils and a ruler showing centimetres and millimetres in a clear pencil case or clear plastic bag/food bag.

Week beginning Monday 11th May 2020

Session 1 Session 2
Monday 11th May Spelling, punctuation and grammar test
Tuesday 12th May Reading test
Wednesday 13th May Maths Paper 1 Maths Paper 2
Thursday 14th May Maths Paper 3  


Some tips which may be useful to you:

  • Make sure your child has a good night’s sleep the night before the test
  • Make sure your child has a nutritious breakfast on the morning of the test and that your child is feeling happy and confident when they leave for school.
  • Make sure your child arrives at school on time and not in a rush.
  • Encourage your child to do their best.

PowerPoint Presentations from Information Evening – January 2020

Websites and resources you might find useful: