Vision & Values

Our core purpose is to offer all pupils the chance to fulfil their best selves and, throughout the learning journey, to make the fullest contribution to society as valued and fully rounded members who treat others with respect. To achieve this end, our pupils need to become independent, life-long learners who steadily extend their horizons and have high aspirations for themselves and for others.

The school seeks to encourage and reinforce those values of personal and social behaviour which are expected within our local and wider community. These include:

* Respect and sensitivity towards others, their beliefs and the values of modern Britain, which include democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for those of different faiths;

* Protection of themselves and society from harm which includes adhering to British values which guard against radicalisation;

* Responsible use of resources and care for the environment, and

* Honesty in personal dealings and respect for property.

It follows that bullying, lying, stealing, discrimination and intolerance are totally unacceptable.

The school motto, ‘Through Effort and Encouragement towards Excellence’, describes all that is best about our school, and our goals for all pupils are that they should be:

* Happy, enjoy school and achieve well

* Independent learners

* Well-rounded individuals

* Safe

* Healthy

* Confident

* Well-equipped for a secure future with every chance of achieving economic well-being and

* Able to make a positive contribution to school and to the wider community.