Mr West swims the Channel!

Mr West has been logging his regular swims in order to swim the equivalent distance of the English Channel. He started his attempt at the end of August and he is almost there, having completed 88% of the total distance. Also, as part of this target, Mr West swam in the Olympic Pool in London […]


On Thursday, pupils from Year 5 & 6 were challenged to dust off their writing skills and put them to good use composing imaginative and impressive pieces of text. It was an opportunity to showcase their authorial flair by using a spectacular array of adventurous vocabulary and sophisticated sentence structures to engage the reader. They […]

Uniform Matters

Whilst most of the children have come back in correct uniform, a small minority of pupils have come back in jean style trousers and very short skirts. Although some shops may label these as uniform, they are not our uniform. We also have a very small number of pupils with extreme hair styles. Please can […]

Schools Twitter Account

The school uses Twitter for important information, news, dates and updates relating to the school. The schools twitter handle is @PenkridgeMiddle. Or can be found here! The school’s Twitter stream can also be found on the school’s website, along with additional information for both parents and children.

Computer Drop In

Computer Drop In is back! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday children can come along to the computer suite and make use of the facilities.

The computers can be used to practice their ICT skills, research school work, complete homework or complete any other learning related activity.

The drop in starts at 1 o’clock and runs until the end of lunch.