Laches Wood blog. Day Four, Thursday.

blog title4The sun rose on our last full day at Laches Wood, following another successful night’s sleep. It was a much anticipated day with our off site visit scheduled to begin at 9 sharp.

Bags were packed with provisions for all sorts of weather. Waterproofs, jumpers, spare socks were all stowed away in preparation for the cold and wet and even some sun glasses, just in case the sun peeped out from behind the clouds.
Our coach took us to Carding Mill Valley, where hills towered above us and from the summit, footpaths draped to the foot of the valley.

Each group was going to take turns in navigation and would be responsible for leading the group for part of our journey. The lead group would be given a map to follow, using only this we wound our way along the tracks and ascended the hills.
We were guided alongside a stream until we eventually came to a waterfall. This was the perfect setting for a picnic, so we set up for some alfresco lunch.

An impromptu engineering project broke out after lunch, with a group of budding Brunels building a rather successful dam across the stream. Meanwhile others explored the waterfall and the surrounding area.

Appetites satisfied and building work completed, the next order of business was to explore the summit of our journey. Carefully creeping our way up the steps alongside the waterfall, we trooped our way all the way to the top (escaping the pit!) and were rewarded with a stunning view bathed in sunshine.cmv

We were even joined by some natives at the peak, in the shape of some wild ponies.

Eventually the need to push for home caught up with us, meaning we needed to make our descent. Taking care to avoid any slippy, muddy patches, we slalomed our way back into the valley and made our way back on the coach.

The whole journey was nearly 5 miles in total and some heavy legs were relieved to take a seat on our way back to Laches Wood.

Our final afternoon activity was the campfire, where it was our turn to entertain the instructors. We all worked together to make our own (sometimes hilarious) fairytale. It was a magical story to match the magical campfire atmosphere.

One last bedtime routine was completed and we all charged our batteries for the last day at Laches Wood.