Laches Wood Blog. Day Three, Wednesday.

blog title3After a very successful night’s sleep, everyone was ready for another action packed day. Now familiar with the morning routine, everybody buzzed about completing duties, tidying dorms and getting a nutritious breakfast ahead of the approaching activities.

The morning took us upwards, with bouldering and rock climbing. It’s was a real test of our communication skills, with each climber relying on their team to keep them safe. It was great to see so many go beyond what they thought was possible and climb to brand new heights (both literally and metaphorically!).

With lunch offering a chance to rest tired climbing fingers, we were soon taking to the water in canoes. Each craft had its own crew and after an initial experimentation, each boat showed a great amount of teamwork to coordinate their efforts and make serious progress downwater. Unfortunately in our rush to get going, each crew had boarded the wrong boats! This was not a problem however as they simply stepped from one vessel to the next while on the water. Luckily nobody made a splash while making the exchange of crew!

Torches were required for another evening wide game, with teams beavering away to be the winners of those all important group points (Mr Mobberley has been keeping a close eye on which team is going to win at the end of the week!).

Finally we sat to write our Laches Wood dairies, a chance to reflect on all the incredible things we had achieved throughout the day. Heavy eyelids were showing as we drank our hot chocolate and hopefully that would lead to another night of restful sleep.