Laches Wood Blog. Day Two, Tuesday.

blog title2With a full day of activities ahead of us, breakfast was needed to fill us with energy. There was plenty of choice and everyone found something that tickled their fancy.

Before we got onto the fun, we had the serious business of room inspections to attend to. All the rooms were given 15 minutes to prepare before being give a score for their efforts. There were some very impressive rooms with tidy beds and all possessions packed away. Other rooms needed some pointers on how to improve for next time!

Then it was time to get going with our adventures. Robin hood was the inspiration for one group, with arrows nocked and bowstrings drawn down at the archery range. After going through the safety procedures and the proper technique for using a bow, it was time for some practice. Once we had our eye in we played some games. Total wipeout, pizza and shootout showed the competitive side of some of us.

When the evening came round we all took part in a number plate hunt, with different plates hidden around the site. The teams buzzed around, eagerly collecting the vital codes.

By this point we had some very tired bodies and it looked like it would be a quiet night filled with much needed sleep.