Laches Wood Blog. Day One, Monday

blog titleWith bus suspension groaning from all our luggage, we set off for Laches Wood with great excitement. A bus filled with high spirits and eager expectation took us to our temporary home.

Once we had arrived, dorms were allocated, bags were unpacked, beds were made (with zero adult assistance!) and all in time for lunch!

After our first experience of our cuisine for the week (a burger and chips which, if clear plates are anything to go by, was a hit all round) thoughts turned to our first activity. Each group was allocated their own leader to guide them through their experience. From rock climbing to canoeing, there was much anticipation from everyone.

One group took on BMX riding in the woods. After a thorough bike check, making sure that the tyres were holding their pressure and the brakes could stop the bike on a sixpence, we headed for the BMX trail. What followed was an adrenaline filled journey between trees, under branches and over obstacles. The seesaw was a particularly challenging task, with riders required to pause at the peak of the climb to allow the board to pivot and reveal the next stage of the journey before them.

With our first activity under our belt we had our first bit of free time. Football was a very popular pass time, although Frisbee and cricket had a strong following too.

The evening meal, which had been ordered when we arrived, was devoured by many, having worked up an appetite from our afternoon activity. Each group was then given their own duty to carry out twice daily, once after breakfast and again after evening meal. Today was no exception and everybody put in some elbow grease into getting Laches Wood in ship-shape.
The evening activity involved solving a spy mystery by finding clues dotted around the site with a prize for anyone who solved the puzzle. The prize would be teachers doing your groups duty for the following evening. Unfortunately no groups quite solved the mystery, quite to the visible relief of the teachers!

After a busy day, it was time for a rest. Everyone was treated to a bedtime drink, hot chocolate for most, and it was lights out just after 9. First night excitement got the better of some of the residents and there were a few tired faces this morning. Fingers crossed for a more restful evening tonight!