Year 6 Laches Wood Blog

Thursday 6th October

We were greeted with another bright and dry morning as our last full day at Laches Wood started. Once again the Laches Wood running club were in action, this time with even more recruits.  Some of the founding members led the group today and it was great to see all abilities getting out and having a go. Perhaps we have inspired the next Mo Farah or Paula Radcliffe!

After breakfast it was time for our excursion. Packed lunches and drinks were placed into backpacks and everyone boarded the coach. We set off towards Carding Mill Valley in search of adventure. After a sing along on the coach we arrived at our destination and we were eager to start our assent. After splitting into teams we became mountain goats, navigating our ways up the gravel trails.

After searching for freshwater crocodiles in the reservoir (we’re almost certain we saw a tail), we traversed up to a waterfall where we set up camp for our lunchtime picnic.

Fully recharged, we started an assault to the peak. We were rewarded for our teamwork and effort with spectacular views as we reached the summit. After taking in the the beautiful sights on offer, we pushed on with the decent. We were joined on our journey by some sheep and the odd pony and we chattered our way back to the coach.

Once we arrived back,  we were ravenous and dinner couldn’t come soon enough.  Luckily food came very soon and was devoured with gusto.

In a change of routine we ended our evening with songs around the campfire, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Wednesday 5th October

This morning started with the first ever meeting of the Laches Wood running club. The runners started early, covering over a kilometre before breakfast. We’re hoping for even more members for tomorrow mornings run. After breakfast there was much excitement as the first group readied themselves for our off site excursion. More on that when the rest of the children go tomorrow.

Those who stayed on site made the most of the good weather and spent some time on (and sometimes in!) the canal. After splashing around in canoes, a singing competition was held to see who could go in for lunch first. Only some of the windows survived the performances.

In the afternoon we raced through the woods on BMXs and even tackled the rickety bridge and wobbly seesaw.

The coach brought everyone back just in time for dinner. Pancakes for pudding, delicious. Silly putty was the in demand item of the day from the tuck shop, with putty bouncing all around the campsite.

Children wounddown with their now customary hot chocolate before settling in for a nice early night.

Tuesday 4th October

After a relatively short nights sleep, we were woken to a juicy bacon sandwich, warm toast and fresh orange juice to give us the energy for the packed day ahead.

Today’s activities consisted of high ropes, canoeing and archery- but not before a room inspection. With all beds made and clothes away in the drawers, the children impressed once again with their encouragement of one another; their determination and their overcoming of fears.

We are all still enjoying the sunshine, but particularly Mrs Harwood, who may have got a little wet canoeing on the canal this afternoon! Our Robin Hood and Maid Marion award has been won by the best female and male archer and the children have learnt the skill of belaying on the high ropes course.

As the sun sets for another day, we are just settling down to fill in our daily diaries and have our hot chocolate before bed.

Monday 3rd October

After leaving school this morning we made our way onto site and the children were very eager to get unpacked and settle in. We made our own beds before unpacking our bags, ready for the week ahead.  There was just time for a tour of the site before lunch.

As soon as everyone had tidied up from lunch, we were straight onto the afternoon activities.  We had some superheroes flying from the high wire and lots of walkie talkie chatter during the search and rescue.

We then made our way for dinner, where we had a choice of delicious options. The Toad in the hole was especially delicious.  Once dinner was finished,  all children had to complete their chores. All the groups did a superb job.

The final activity of the day was a treasure hunt which was enjoyed by all.