An Introduction

With the rising of online gaming and social media, comes some teething problems. Being realatively new, the internet hasn't really been used to it's full potetnial as of yet. It still has people misusing the internet. This is a sprouting problem and we need to learn to keep safe.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is horrible and can make someone feel unwanted. It can make you feel kind of backed into a corner and people lose their self-confidence. Unfortunately, in some cases - there is no escape. With accounts linked on both devices - it must sometimes feel like there is no escape apart from turning the devices off. Today, the internet is so big - it is near-impossible to get a job done without it. Audlts might argue that point but if you are an adult, come on admit it!

Social Quiz!

It is easy to make mistakes on the Internet and sometimes it is best to ask questions. I took the liberty of using Google Forms to create my very own quiz. Try it and see how internet safe you actually are! If you do horrible, take it as a learning curve and don't worry - just consider changing the way you use Social Media.

Created for #SID17